Project "Windows to Heaven"

Hi! I'm Irina. I am an artist and thinker.

I creatively express a spiritual view of being, innermost meanings through simple images. Also paint my beloved flowers, fields, and herbs. Many woman You are welcome to enjoy, please!

For me, painting is a visual dialogue with the world, an opportunity to share my perception and understanding of life, the search for the soul on its path to God. Each picture is a small step, a segment of such a path, born through thoughts, images, communication, sketches. A small step of the soul towards the light from the darkness of fear, disbelief, loneliness.

The world changes at the speed of light. Everyone around is in a hurry. Time is precious, running faster every day. Games of the mind, doubts, fears are frequent companions of vanity. But the heart cannot be fooled, it feels the truth, strives for it, looks for it in the flickering pictures around. A lot of people are expecting happiness beyond a new horizon of goals, happiness, which in fact is always there and always awaits us. Emerging from the hustle and bustle of life, slowing down, appreciating every moment of life, and not swallowing it in one gulp, we gain clarity of purpose, feel the richness of the gift of life given to us, feel grateful for everything. We contemplate beauty in every moment of everyday life.

"Windows to Heaven" - moments when a person in the hustle and bustle suddenly stops, opens his eyes and heart. Meets the moment of eternity, feels real, feels God.
In my paintings, I depict my "windows". In fact, there are such moments in every place, for every person.
With my works, I want to distract the viewer from the running of the world at least for a minute, to slow down the time.
Someone will remember the happy moments of childhood, someone will have their own images, emotions, thoughts. For me, this is a reason to ask myself questions: Who am I? Why am I here? How to learn to love? Am I being honest with myself?

Each captured moment touched my heart, found a lively response in it. For me, the meanings of different depths, the information contained in the picture are important.
Not just shapes, spots, and lines on a piece of canvas.
And it is the meaning that determines the means of its communication, the technique of painting.

The main technique of my art is oil painting on canvas.
I rely on the experience of the Russian school of realistic painting, as well as impressionist and symbolist artists who brought their feelings into realistic plots.
The ideas of my works are taken from life, based on my experience of comprehending it, insights, and understanding the meaning. But at the same time, I'm interested in the viewer looking at the picture only as a starting point for their own emotions and reflections, and not finding a ready-made unambiguous answer.

Everything in the world is alive, everything is connected with each other - the sky, the breath of the wind, clouds, flowers, people. The bright initial light coming from the sky is decomposed into colors, reflecting in everything. This is how the image is transferred to the canvas - a person, a flower, a thought, gratitude to God ...

I look at flowers as one of the most sincere living beings on earth, a reflection of the Garden of Eden on earth. I want to preserve and capture the pristine liveliness, movement, character.
Each flower is individual, that's why I paint them in different ways. Some - intensely "Alla prima", with a quick underpainting, others - mixing colors in a stroke directly on the canvas, others - with thin glazes, delicately leaving a translucent lightness of petals and shadows. I would like to convey everything - the aroma, the tenderness of the flower to the touch, the joy of contemplating the color, the smallest stamens, sparks, and the flashing of petals in the sun.

Everything is different, everything is in the moment.
The beauty seen is superimposed on the state of mind, and an image is obtained.
Exhale, lift your eyes to the sky, notice the clouds, birds, flowers, people ...

Today, now, this is the most real thing that we have. Change the pace of life.
Remember the main thing ...
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