Irina Romanenko was born in Moscow, Russia in 1977.
She currently lives and works in Moscow.

For a long time, Irina combine painting and a career in medical American corporations (Johnson&Johnson, General Electric).

"The most amazing thing for me is to communicate with people, help them making home more individual and comfortable with art, space - relieving stress after a busy day, inspiring a dream, filling with strength and energy."

2007 Moscow State Pedagogical University, Fine Arts faculty.
2020 qualification course "Composition in Painting" ARTLIFE ACADEMY (Moscow)

~Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia since 2020
~Member of the International Art Fund since 2020
~Honorary Member of the International Academy of Contemporary Arts since 2021

The artist's paintings are in public collections - the Protvino Museum (Exhibition Center), and private collections in Russia, Germany, the USA, Israel.

2022 The best work in the nomination "Angels and Children". International competition of painting and graphics "Faces of angels of the world"
2021 Laureate of the competition by Viktor Popkov of the International Art Fund, nomination "Genre Scene", Mytishy Museum of History and Art
2021 Bronze Medal, Art Excellence Awards, International Academy of Contemporary Arts
2021 Nomination "Noteworthy", "Human Nature" 2021 Show, Gallery "Colors of Humanity", PA, USA
2021 Excellence Award by Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine

2022 Exhibition-Forum "Unique Russia", Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, Russia
2022 Charity project by Nikas Sofronov "NFT tree. Artists to artists", Russia
2022 "We see off the winter - we meet the spring", Moscow branch of the Union of Artists of Russia
2022 "World Cultural Heritage" Central House of Artists, Moscow
2022 "30 years of the International Art Fund", House of Cinema, Moscow
2022 "World Cultural Heritage" Cultural Center "Moskvich", Moscow

2021 "Earth. Ver. 20.21 What happened after?", State Darwin Museum, Moscow, Russia
2021 "Tuesday 11:30" Exhibition Start Hub Project, Red October, Moscow, Russia
2021 Exhibition "Art of Russia" at the Van Slagmaat gallery, Woerden, the Netherlands
2021 "Take your overcoat, let's go home!" Museum of Heroes (branch of the Borodino Battle Panorama Museum), Moscow, Russia
2021 "Blessed is the army of the Heavenly King", E.A. Furtseva Library, Moscow, Russia
2021 XV Exhibition-Competition named after V.E. Popkov, Mytishchi History and Art Museum, Mytishchi, Russia
2021 "Planet Summer", Cultural Center "Meridian", Moscow, Russia
2021 "Human Nature" 2021 Show, Gallery "Colors of Humanity", Pennsylvania, USA
2021 "And in my memory…", Central House of the Russian Army, Moscow, Russia
2021 "My Russia", Central House of Art Workers, Moscow, Russia
2020 Personal exhibition "Colors of Summer", Exhibition Center, Protvino, Moscow region
2020 "Winter Romance", Moscow House of Nationalities, Moscow, Russia

2021 Interview to the Youtube channel "ArtObrest"
2020 Catalog of the exhibition "Romance of Winter", Moscow House of Nationalities, Moscow, Russia
2020 Book cover Romanenko V.M. "Where the Blue Ridge is"
2020 Yandex Zen. Artlife Moscow. New Year's plots in the paintings of famous artists
2020 TV company "South Podmoskovye". Report on the personal exhibition in Protvino "Exhibition Center"
2020 "Protvino Today" newspaper. Showcases of the Protvino Exhibition Center were adorned with "Summer Colors"
2018 Book cover by Oksana Volkova-Chudaeva "The Way to Your Vasilisa the Beautiful"